#2.2 Benefits of Being a High Performer: Bigger Bonuses


How do you receive bigger bonuses? Who doesn’t like receiving a large bonus for their hard work and efforts?

big bonus

Most organizations are structured in a way that gives the largest bonuses to the highest performing and most valuable employees. Why? It’s simple: they need to retain their best and brightest.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that it’s the “people” that are a company’s most important asset. Of those important assets, the organization’s high performers produce the majority of the success. Without them, the wheels fall off the bus.

It’s not a surprise that bonus distribution is structured this way. Results-driven companies reward the efforts of their rock stars; otherwise, those rock stars will leave. Losing high performers—particularly when it’s only because another organization has offered them more money—is a nightmare situation for any successful organization.


One of the easiest ways for organizations to retain their best talent is to reward employees financially. Some of that financial reward will come via annual pay increases, but often the high performers also receive bigger bonuses than their lower performing peers, to incentivize them to stay.

So, again, you are best served by working toward understanding how to be a high performing employee, as one of the most tangible outcomes will directly affect your bank account.

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