#2.3 Benefits of Being a High Performer: Greater Job Satisfaction

I Love My Job

As a high performer in any organization, one of the perks is greater job satisfaction. This greater satisfaction comes in both tangible and intangible forms.

Tangible Forms of Greater Job Satisfaction

When doors swing wide open for better tangible benefits, an employee will most likely experience greater job satisfaction.

The tangible forms that we discussed previously are as follows:

• More responsibility through both vertical and horizontal promotions
• Earlier promotions
• Earlier raises
• Larger bonuses

Each person has a need to be acknowledged for their efforts. The tangible items listed above are one of the most solid ways to experience that positive acknowledgement.

Intangible Forms of Greater Job Satisfaction

There are many intangible forms of greater job satisfaction that come from being a high performer. Here is a list of the ones I’ve experienced:

• Having your ideas implemented
• Increased self-confidence
• Having the chance to get work done through others
• Having other follow you and succeeding because of it

I have felt the greatest job satisfaction when one of my ideas succeeds. Such opportunities happen more often for high performers because they are trusted with more responsibility and allowed to take more risks. Management must first believe in you before being willing to trust your ideas.

Sometimes it’s the mental benefit that is the most rewarding from doing a great job. The mental reward, in this case, is the self-confidence that comes from knowing you are performing at the top. That confidence can permeate all aspects of your life: your life outside of work, your family life, and your hobbies for example. When all is well at work, I’ve found that I’m able to bring a swagger and confidence to all areas of my life. My success in one area tends to overflow into other areas of my life.

I’ve found it rewarding to get work done through others. Opportunities to get work through others come about from being a high performer and well trusted – they are the first ones management will trust with management responsibilities. I enjoy being able to get more work accomplished than what I would be able to do on my own. I find that gratifying.

I’ve also experienced high levels of gratification from having others follow my lead and end up succeeding because of it. When I’ve trained astronauts or engineers and then seen them flourish because of it, it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction.

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High performers enjoy greater job satisfaction because of the tangible and intangible benefits received as fruit of their efforts.

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