#2.5 Benefits of Being a High Performer: Wrapping It Up


Being a high performer has a long list of great benefits. Some are tangible (such as bigger bonuses), while others are not as tangible (respect). High performers are more likely to receive these benefits than employees who go unnoticed or are known for their poor work. That’s why it’s important to figure out the keys to being a high performer and strive to become one.

It’s no different than running a race. Those who have the greatest chance of winning are those who have positioned themselves for success which not only ensures they will perform their best but will also take advantage of any weakness the competition might have. They have given themselves a leg up on their competition.

Natural talent and ability is part of it, but unless that talent is directed and focused correctly, it can be a train wreck. If a runner is the fastest of all those competing but runs in the opposite direction, what good is it? Or what would happen if they stood lazily in the blocks instead of being coiled up, ready to explode into motion when the gun fires?


In the real world, you need to be ready to compete—there are many talented individuals out there. You need to know what’s important (to both yourself and your organization). You need to know the unspoken rules so you don’t find yourself on the bottom without even realizing the gravity of your mistakes. This blog will help teach you both those unwritten rules and even how to coil up and explode out of the figurative blocks—how to run a race that will give you the best chance of winning it. That way, you can capitalize on all the benefits of winning.

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