#3.0 Preparing to be a High Performer – 10 Must-Haves

This is an introduction to my next series of blogs. This section is going to provide a foundational structure for becoming a higher performing employee by discussing the most important factors for success. It will help you prioritize what’s truly needed to get ahead in the real world.


Good grades are important but are only one item on a long list of essentials. Academia will make you think good grades are all that matter, but please don’t believe this misconception. Many recent undergrads are surprised when they start interviewing and quickly find that businesses seem more interested in the real-world work experiences they’ve had than in anything else (e.g., university GPA). And not just what work experiences they’ve had, but how they performed in those opportunities. Think it doesn’t matter you spent an entire summer co-op working on your fantasy baseball team rather than learning the business? Think again.

Some of the brightest, most successful individuals I have known had poor high school or university GPAs. How is that possible, you ask? It’s simple: there is a lot more to success than a good GPA. Don’t misunderstand me—a strong GPA will help open more doors, but it doesn’t necessarily correlate in the long-term with a successful, high-performing career.

This section will provide a few of the keys to unlocking the elusive but very attainable high-performing career. As mentioned in previous entries , it starts with delivering results. Does a great GPA in itself do that? No, it doesn’t. More often than not, it doesn’t even tell you how to do that. In the following posts, I am going to provide a Top 10 List of the Must-Haves for setting a successful trajectory to being a high-performing employee.


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