#3.2.1 Preparing to be a High Performer: Grit

I heard Angela Lee Duckworth give a TED talk on the key to success. Her experience and research has led her to the conclusion that is boils down to Grit. This is something I mentioned in my blog prior to hearing this talk.

This is what I’ve thought for a long time but she said it so well I’ve posted a link to her TED talk here.

Additionally, she has an on-line grit test you can take. I scored a 4.13 (1-5 scale) which makes me grittier than at least 80% of the US population. I’m good with that as I believe you need to have some life balance. Here is a link to the test.

On-line Grit Test

I really like what she says about the importance of being able to stick to finishing long term projects, and being able to bounce back from failure. The challenge is how do you develop more grit, how do you develop grit in your employees and children?

  • I think the first step is to educate yourself and others about it. Once you have grit as a focus point and understand its importance, you can move forward working toward improving it.
  • Next step I think is to stick with long term goals, giving your grit a workout.
  • Next thought I have on it is to remind those you love, coach and work with that failure is temporary. It can be easy to quit on something after failing. Failing needs to be a launching point instead of being a quitting point.

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